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Basketball game diary

Diary about basketball 300 words through this lesson

2022-06-24 19:02Basketball game diary
Summary: I like playing basketball 300 wordsAfter three shots, the tense class was over. Through the study of this class, I like basketball very much. I will learn it well in the future! I have many hobbies, s
I like playing basketball 300 words
After three shots, the tense class was over. Through the study of this class, I like basketball very much. I will learn it well in the future! I have many hobbies, such as Gobang, flying chess, chess, running, skipping rope, throwing ball, playing basketball... My favorite is playing basketballThe composition of the basketball match is 300 words
"Good ball! Come on!" There was a steady stream of cheers on the court The students were surrounded by a sea of peopleAbout playing basketball essay 300 words quick
Compared with these stars, hee hee, I am no inferior. In our class, it is generally acknowledged that I am the most fond of basketball. Sometimes I even forget to eat in order to play basketball. In my home, there are more than 30 paintings of basketball stars alone. These famous experts are pasted beside my bed, like many othersA weekly record of playing basketball
The fun of playing basketball I am a sports enthusiast, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton... Are all my favorite sports Among them, basketball is my favorite sport, because it brings me endless funThird grade composition 300 words to play basketball
According to my mother, playing basketball is a good sport. It can not only strengthen the body, but also exercise people's mind and thinking ability. It can also help children grow up! Once, I went to play basketball with Liujialong, tanyifan and wangwenxuan. They were vigorous and strong. Let's start by groDiary about basketball 300 words  through this lessonupingHelp me write a 300 word diary, basketball player, junior high school student
One day, a classmate in the class brought basketball. In the physical education class that day, I came into contact with basketball for the first time. It gives me the feeling of a word?? "Heavy". If I want to make the basketball touch the backboard once, I have to use all my strength to throw it up, so that I can barely touch the backboardBasketball break diary 300 words
In the morning, I asked some classmates to play basketball. The school where we play. When I got to the school, I said, "roll call, tianxiaoyu, liyanhe, wangzhenyu and sunjie." They all arrived one by one. We divided into groups and let Tian Xiaoyu be the referee. I'm in a group with sunjie, wangzhenyu and liyanheBasketball diary 300 words
The most fun shooting game is the "kill" game. Although it sounds terrible, it can actually effectively improve shooting skills. This game is played like this: there are two basketballs. If the first person doesn't make a shot, he will make another shot. This is the second person who also starts to make a shotWinter vacation weekly basketball 300 words
I am a basketball fan. Basketball stickers are everywhere in my room. "Basketball stars" can be seen everywhere. Basketball bags, basketball shoes, basketball balls and so on. I have everything about basketball. You can be seen everywhere in my room. I am also a basketball maniac. I used to get up at three to watch the game. I wanted to watch the gameAbout basketball junior high school composition 300 words
The annual basketball game kicked off. In order to avenge the first round elimination of the previous session, all the team members gathered their strength and worked hard to train, hoping to make other classes bow to the throne and complete our dream of the last semester. In the cheers of the cheerleaders of class 7 (6) and this class, the players of both sides came on the stage and took a look
Diary about basketball 300 words through this lesson

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